Typical Uses of Ceramic Fiber Blankets

We are committed to providing high quality refractory products to our clients. This includes, but is not limited to our selection of ceramic fiber blankets. Focusing on high insulating properties, these blankets come in a variety of densities and offer complete resistance to thermal shock. There are a number of industries and applications where a high quality ceramic fiber blanket can be extremely useful.

We wanted to take an opportunity to outline some of these applications, for those who may be curious about our products or simply looking for new ideas.

When working with furnaces, boilers, or other high temperature installations and setups – these blankets are ideal to use. Their versatile shape allows them to adjust when needed as opposed to built-in insulating solutions, and are still lightweight so they can be reasonably transported to exactly where they are needed. This also applies when discussing uses such as steam generator lining, incineration equipment, or even nuclear insulation applications.

Ceramic fiber blankets do an excellent job at extending the life of your equipment, by protecting them from the effects of high temperature operation. This can ultimately conserve energy and in the long term result in an improvement in efficiency. However, even considering all the advantages it’s important to make sure you handle the blankets properly to get the full effects. While they can be cut yourself and will return back to form if left in incidental weather, it can be irritating to the skin and dust protection is recommended when moving. So while they are lightweight and easy to transport, there are some considerations that should be kept in mind while you are working with them.

Have any other questions about Ceramic Fiber Blankets? Contact us directly about the varieties we have for sale. We would be happy to discuss any inquiries.


Source : https://www.fibrecast.com