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PT. Indo Bata Api Utama (INTAMA) is one of the pioneering distributors of refractory materials for industrial sectors in Indonesia. From heavy-duty firebricks, refractory cements, to insulation materials, Intama offers a wide range of genuine and cost effective refractory products.

Intama is headquartered in Jakarta and serves customers from all across Indonesia. We have been in the industry for over 40 years and have always maintained the quality of our products to provide the highest customers’ satisfaction.

With increasingly higher demands from customers throughout Indonesia, NAIFO™ –Intama’s flagship brand, has gained recognition as a trusted refractory brand in the market. The name NAIFO™ carries the meaning of “fireproof” and signifies 3 characteristics: “Reliable, Durable, and Proven Quality” –3 criteria which are sought after by our customers.

With a long history, quality products, and an extensive distribution network, Intama has become a trusted refractory materials provider in Indonesia. Contact us to learn more about our products, we will be more than happy to assist you.


PT. Indo Bata Api Utama (INTAMA) was established in 1975 as a small building material store in Jakarta. Following the growth of domestic refractory industry in the 70’s, Intama commenced selling refractory materials as part of our product line.

In 1985, Intama opened a more extensive facility in Bandengan Selatan, Jakarta, and turned into a specialized refractory material store, making us the pioneer store in Jakarta. Shortly afterwards, we created our flagship brand – NAIFO™ firebrick and refractory cement product line.

For over 40 years, we have maintained the quality of our products and gained the reputation as a trustworthy and fair business partner. We have served customers from all across Indonesia and our products are widely used in high temperature applications, from regular chimneys, industrial furnaces, fireplaces, to large-scale factories.


Our logo is much more than just an image. It represents who we are and what we value. The logogram is made up of a brick structure, which consists of 3 parts: brick columns, a brick arch and a red flame.

The brick columns supporting the arch represent our strength and solid foundation in developing our business from the beginning to present.

The arch formed by 8 bricks, symbolizes 8 important values that have shaped our business. These values are:

Last but not least, the red flame in the center protected by the brick structure, represents our undying passion and energy to thrive as a company.



  • To be a leading and trustworthy refractory distributor company in Indonesia.


  • To deliver reliable service to every customer.
  • To produce high-grade refractory products at the most reasonable prices.
  • To improve our capability to adapt to market demands.
  • To maintain high corporate ethics and become a company worthy of trust.
  • To conduct fair business practices to build long & lasting business relationships with suppliers and customers.