Application of Refractory Castable in Different Industries

Metallurgical industry, from iron ore sintering, coking, iron, steel, furnace refining, continuous casting until rolling production, almost every production chain of metallurgical furnace and thermal equipment are using refractory castable. Large blast furnace shell inside the use of refractory spray paint, the bottom of the special parts of the use of refractory ramming material, repair with refractory spray and refractory filling material. Large-scale blast furnace out of the trench from the use of alumina-silicon carbide refractory ramming material improved to the use of refractory castable, so that the iron trough of the iron increased significantly.

In addition, blast furnace guns are all using unshaped refractories. Large hot stove roof and furnace shell inside the use of refractory spray coating, hot air furnace hot air valve lining generally used refractory castable, hot air stove and blast furnace hot air duct lining mostly with refractory castable. Iron ore sintering ignition stove, insulation furnace and large cavity chimney lining, using refractory plastic, refractory castable and refractory spray.

In the steel-making aspects of the application of fire-resistant spray more, bucket lined with amorphous refractory material applications also increased significantly, and gradually become the focus of development and application. In the continuous casting for the use of continuous casting intermediate tank and slag barrier plate and so on. Furnace outside the refining with dipping tube, the overall spray gun, vacuum degassing device within the anger all or part of the use of amorphous refractory. Rolling steel production of the soaking furnace and the furnace is the most widely used refractory refractory material, the most significant effect to the fire can be plastic and castable for the heating furnace water pipe dressing achieved good energy saving effect. In the coke mainly use refractory mud, in addition, also used for CDQ lining and coke oven door, flue, resistance to the wall and other parts.

In the nonferrous metallurgical industry, unshaped refractories are mainly used for electrolytic cells, lead and zinc sealed blast furnace, aluminum reflow furnace, copper smelting frequency induction furnace, copper smelting furnace, anode furnace, electrode furnace, converter and other important equipment.

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